Best Teepee Tents for Kids

There?s no more thrill and formative experience for kids than spending time in the world of nature. And with the best teepee tents for kids, your little ones can get a taste of it from an early age.

Camping has always brought with it a sense of adventure. This has always delighted kids for generations. And the beauty of it is that kids are never too young to experience it. Many parents choose a teepee tent for kids. They want to get their kids accustomed to spending time under canvas in the natural world.  Indeed, there are many teepee tents, designed partly or exclusively for indoor use. These are to get the kids used to the sensation of sitting, playing and even sleeping in a tent before taking to the great outdoors. These make for a great space within their bedroom or playroom which they can make their own. They can embark on wonderful adventures of the imagination before transitioning to a teepee that?s suitable for outdoor use.

When it comes to choosing the best teepee tent for your kids, know their needs!

As with any consumer choice you make on behalf of your family, it?s important to think long and hard about your needs before choosing a teepee tent. Are you looking for a fun installation in your youngest child?s bedroom? Or are you looking for something that could be set up in the back garden, by the beach or even on a campsite? Do you want something that?s specifically tailored to boys or girls? Or, would you prefer a teepee tent that?s more gender-neutral so that siblings of different genders can enjoy it?

Every child and every family is different. And, we?re aware that every reader will have slightly different priorities. Some will want a place where their kids can enjoy a little ?me time? on their own. While others will want something more robust in which their kids can spend quality time with their friends.

That?s why we?ve tried to include a broad range of teepee tents in this review. We hope that whatever Nonetheless, some things that all readers might want to consider when choosing a teepee tent for their kids include;


As you may have noticed, kids tend to grow. Exponentially and unpredictably! As such it?s important to consider the size of their teepee. You also need to consider how many years of use they can get out of it. Thus, it may be best to err on the side of caution and opt for a larger tent. However, this will have implications on packing you should choose to take your kids? teepee tent out on a camping trip.


Because your child will be spending a lot of time inside their teepee tent, it?s imperative to choose safe and breathable materials. We?d advise opting for natural materials wherever possible. Treatment with harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates is less likely to happen. You?ll also need to decide whether it?s more appropriate to choose soft and comfortable materials or rugged and hard-wearing. This will obviously depend on whether the teepee tent is for indoor or outdoor use.

This makes canvas the most logical choice for a teepee tent. It?s naturally sourced, hard-wearing, breathable, easy to repair and eco-friendly. Plus, since it?s what the nomadic Native Americans used to use for their own teepees, it?s historically accurate, too!

Color and design

Do you want something bright and colorful for your child? Or something emblazoned with their favorite cartoon character? This can certainly lead to a bigger ?wow? factor when they first see their teepee assembled. On the other hand, kids can be extremely fickle. Today?s favorites can easily become tomorrow?s embarrassment. If your kids are fickle, you might want to opt for a tent that?s neutral in color and design.

Ease of assembly

You want your little one(s) to start playing in their newly assembled teepee tent as soon as possible. You don?t want them to witness you struggling with dowel pins and peppering the air with profanities.

Thus, you?ll likely want to look for something that can easily assemble in a few minutes without tools. This is more important especially if you expect your child?s teepee tent to see a lot of action outdoors.

Ease of cleaning

It?s okay to admit it! As much as we love our kids, dirty and sticky hands can be the bane of our existence. Especially when it comes to keeping their toys and other treasured possessions clean. As such, you?ll want to ensure that your kids? teepee tents are easy to wipe clean in the event of food spillage or when touched by grimy hands.


Finally, it?s worth taking some time to consider where the teepee will spend most of its time. This will have a knock-on effect on all of the above requirements. If your kids? teepee will spend most of its life indoors, you can afford to be less exacting in your standards. You can opt for something colorful and appealing in which little ones can have fun. However, if you use the teepee in the garden, at the beach or camping trips you?ll need to consider the climate and environments to which it?ll get exposed. 

With all of this in mind, let?s take a look at some of the best teepee tents for kids. Whatever may be your requirements and budgets, you?re sure to find something that suits you and your family?

Little Dove Kids Foldable Teepee

My rating –

This foldable teepee from Little Dove feels perfectly at home in virtually any house or apartment. It?s unobtrusive size (43.3? x 43.3? x 72.4?) means that it can fit seamlessly into any bedroom or living room. Because it?s 100% unpainted cotton canvas, it won?t draw too much attention to itself. It will fit in with any design aesthetic. What?s more, the cotton canvas is easy to wipe clean, so no need to worry about sticky infant hands.

Not that this teepee necessarily needs to be indoors. Its robust canvas and solid pine poles make it equipped to handle vigorous outdoor use. With a weight of just 6 pounds, it?s easy to take on trips to the beach or the country. You can also set it up in the backyard. It comes with its own carry case. You can fold it down in minutes only to be quickly and easily assembled again when ready for use.

The teepee also has curtains and front flaps for added privacy as well as generous inner pockets for storage. Best of all, there is a string light (batteries not included) for illumination which looks nothing short of magical.

Pros and Cons:

Natural materialsDiminutive size may make it less appealing for kids who are big for their age.
Attractive appearance that fits well in any design aesthetic
Easy to transport and assemble
Easy to keep clean /machine washable
Looks gorgeous with the string lights turned on

All in all, this tent is a very good all-rounder, especially for parents with small children.

TazzToys Kids Teepee Tent for Kids with Ferry Lights + Feathers + Waterproof Base

My rating –

This beautiful teepee made from 100% natural materials is perfect for little campers-to-be. Designed with the needs of younger children in mind, this diminutive yet robust teepee is just perfect for very small children. It can give them their first taste of camping. It will provide a wonderful fortress of plat for children from the age of 1. Yet, it will comfortably fit a 7-year-old, and the teepee is lab tested for a Child Safety Certificate of 0-12 by CPSIA.

Made from 100% durable cotton canvas with pine poles, this tent is completely natural. This makes it advantageous for eco-conscious parents. It?s also fully breathable and completely free of azo dyes. Kids can spend as much time as they like without parents worrying about the quality of the air they breathe. Plus, this teepee comes with ferry lights and feathers for a truly magical appearance.

This teepee comes in two parts, making it quick and easy to assemble, dismantle and store. And weighing in at just under 8 pounds it?s easy to take on camping trips, picnics in the park or trips to the beach. Especially since it comes with its own tote bag which you can wear like a backpack. The neutral color palette makes it a suitable choice for both girls and boys. The generous side pockets are great for stowing favorite books, beloved soft toys, healthy snacks and anything else that will make indoor or outdoor playtime more fun.

Pros and Cons:

Looks magical when the ferry lights are onThe pale coloring can be unforgiving of mucky handprints. So best get them cleaned up quickly!
Safe and natural materials
Easy to assemble and transport

USA Toyz Kids Teepee Tent for Boys or Girls – Happy Hut Play Tent

My rating –

If you?re looking for something primarily geared towards outdoor use, this entry from Happy Hut may be a better choice for you.

This spacious tent has around 5 feet of head clearance and an internal surface area of around 13 square feet. This means that it can comfortably fit 2-3 little ones with ease. Unlike other options on the list, this teepee is much more colorful and vibrant. Its 210-D water-resistant polyester fabric makes it durable and ideal for outdoor use.

Because it?s geared towards predominantly outdoor use, this teepee is built with portability and easy storage in mind. It is quick and easy to assemble and pack away, weighs in at less than 3 pounds and even comes with its own tote bag. This makes it perfect for camping trips, picnics or even a trip to the beach. And because it?s made from polyester it?s quick and easy to wipe clean, too.

There?s also a mesh window and tie back flaps. Kids can enjoy their privacy while also getting to take in the views, wherever they are visiting. It?s available in blue and green or pink and purple depending on gender or preference.

One more cute feature is that this tent comes with a Safari Torchlight. It projects a range of different animals on the wall. A good choice for kids who love animals and have a keen interest in nature.

Pros and Cons:

Great for outdoor useBold colors make it more conspicuous when used indoors
Available in different colors
The Safari Torchlight/projector is a cute touch

Best Choice Kids Teepee Tent

My rating –

This generously sized kids teepee from Best Choice is worth considering for families with many children. This is also for parents of children who have lots of friends round for playdates and sleepovers. Alternatively, if you have a child who is tall for their age they may also benefit from this teepee.

It?s also, the tallest on our list with almost 6 feet of headspace at its peak. And because it comes in a range of colors, it?s suited to kids of all tastes. It lends itself well to virtually any bedroom decor.

The pure cotton canvas might set alarm bells ringing for some parents, especially if you opt for a white tent. Fortunately, however, it wipes clean with a damp cloth and a little soapy water. In the case of serious stains, the outside can be machine washed.

What?s more, the minimalist design blends well wherever it?s set up. The teepee even features a mesh window. So, the kids can enjoy the view without the worry of bugs flying into their teepee.

This teepee is suitable for kids of around 3 years of age and upward. It can comfortably accommodate 2-3 small children. Like other entries on this list, the material used for Best Choice?s teepee is completely natural materials. The teepee itself is a completely breathable cotton canvas. The poles are also from natural eucalyptus.

With a weight of 7.7 pounds, it?s a little heavier than previous entries. But, it is still foldable and portable and you can assemble it in around 5 minutes without tools. However, this model is for indoor use only.

Pros and Cons:

All-natural materialsNo interior pockets for storage
Easy to cleanIntended for indoor use only
Great for indoor or outdoor use
Range of colors

Tiny Land?s Kids Teepee Tent

My rating –

Finally, for the tiny outdoorsman or intrepid princess in your life, this little teepee tent from Tiny Land is great for toddlers who are just starting to get a taste for adventure in the great outdoors.

With cute pink and white stripes for little girls or grey and white for little boys, this is an attractive and comfortable teepee. However, its diminutive size makes it best suited to toddlers. While the canvas exterior can provide some protection from the elements, this tent is best suited to indoor use. Still, as a starter tent to slowly get young kids accustomed to spending short periods of time in the great outdoors you could do far worse.

Made from 100% cotton canvas with pine wood poles, it?s a very safe option for little ones. You can also assemble and dismantle it in minutes (full instructions are provided). This product comes with its own tote bag too.

Pros and Cons:

Looks greatWon?t stand up to regular outdoor use
Fits in with virtually any design aesthetic
All-natural materials
Spacious 47 square inch capacity

In conclusion

A teepee tent for kids is a great way to start to engender a love of camping and the great outdoors. That said, many teepees on the market are not intended for regular outdoor use. While it?s a very close call for us, the winner here is (without a hint of irony) the entry from Best Choice. It?s well suited to indoor or outdoor use. It looks great, has plenty of space to spare and comes in a range of colors to suit all tastes.

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