For kids, getting out in the natural world is essential. But in an age where they have so many digital distractions and indoor temptations, it?s easy for them to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. The great news for parents is that there are all kinds of fun activities to get kids off the sofa and into the great outdoors. From hiking and camping to skiing and snowboarding. But if your kids will be taking to the slopes this winter, they?ll need the best kids ski goggles. And finding the right pair for your kids can prove challenging.

The trouble with trying to Google goggles

Skiing is not only a fun and exciting activity that appeals to kids of all ages and ability levels, but it?s also a great workout that?s perfect for keeping kids string, fit and healthy. If your kids are likely to be spending a lot of time on the slopes, it?s essential that they have the right safety gear. Along with it, they also need the right skis, boots, and skiwear.

And to protect their eyes, the right ski goggles are absolutely essential. The trouble is that it can be hard finding reliable recommendations through search engines. If you?re trying to Google the best goggles, you may find it hard to get honest, unbiased comparisons. In fact, most of what you?ll find is scarcely concealed advertorial posts trying to sell one product.

Here we?ll provide some unbiased reviews to help you find the best kids ski goggles. Before we look at specific products, it?s important to have clear criteria so that you know what you?re looking for.

The right goggles for your kids: Know their needs

There are lots of high quality kids ski goggles out there. Making an informed decision as a parent comes not just from knowing all about the products. You also need to consider your kids and their own unique needs.

This useful YouTube video is a useful buyer?s guide for choosing adult or kids snow goggles. There are some things you should keep in mind when choosing ski goggles for your kids?

Lens type and color

When shopping for kids ski goggles you?ll likely realize that there are so many more types of lenses out there than you ever knew existed. You?ll need to decide whether curved/spherical or cylindrical/flat lenses are best for your kids. Spherical lenses offer better clarity. They also give a better range of peripheral and downward vision, but they tend to be more expensive. Cylindrical/flat lenses, on the other hand, curve horizontally. They offer decent visibility at a lower price point. Spherical lenses also tend to be anti-glare which can be very handy when the sun hits your kids? eyes on the slopes.

But that?s the tip of the iceberg.

There?s also the issue of color. Colored lenses aren?t just about looking cool. They also have implications for visibility. Different colored lenses have different degrees of Visible Light Transition (VLT). This means they let different degrees of light through. The higher the VLT, the more light passes through them.

For example, rose, yellow, or blue lenses generally have a VLT range of 60-90%. This makes them best for skiing in low visibility or low light conditions. On the other hand, darker colours such as gray, black or gold are best for clear sunny days. These lens colors usually have a mirrored coating so they have a VLT of around 5-20%. If you?re looking for good all-rounders, look for a VLT somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. It?s also worth noting that some goggles have interchangeable lenses that snap in and out easily.


Without good ventilation, it?s easy for goggles to get fogged up. As your kids exert themselves, their core temperature rises. This can lead to a build-up of water vapor in the goggles. And if that water vapor doesn?t have means to escape it can impede their visibility on the slopes.

Make sure that your child?s goggles have good ventilation. If they?ll be wearing a helmet, make sure that the goggles are compatible with it. Helmets can also sometimes block the goggles? vents.

Frames and frame sizes

You?ll find that frames come in all types of different styles, shapes, and sizes. We all know how image-conscious kids can be, so it?s good that they have plenty of choices. However, if you allow them to choose something that reflects their emerging sense of style, make sure that the frame shape and size fits their face. 

Extra fit features

A comfortable fit can be tricky to maintain because, as we all know, kids tend to grow at an unpredictable rate. As such, choosing a pair of goggles with lots of extra fit features can ensure that they look great and feel comfortable for now and for years to come. 

Look for goggles with generous strap sizes and padding. These will be likely to give your child more years of useful wear.

If your child wears glasses, this news will highly please you. There are goggles made with OTG or Over The Glasses that fit, too!

These are all important considerations when choosing the best kids’ ski goggles. But it?s also worth remembering that nobody knows your child and their needs better than you. With that in mind, let?s take a look at some of the best kids ski goggles on the market to find out which best suits their needs?

COOLOO Ski / Snowboarding Goggles

My rating –

If you?re looking for a pair of reliable yet affordable goggles that will last for a long time, this set of two is a good find. The Cooloo Ski and snowboarding goggles come with two different colored frames. These green and yellow make them a gender-neutral choice for girls and boys. It offers good interchangeability too, and there?s also a carry bag included. So you don?t need to worry about visibility becoming impaired by scuffs or scratches in transit.

Your child will enjoy a comfortable fit for years to come. The dimensions (frame width 7?, frame height: 3.1?, the width of nose bridge: 1.0? and lens width: 6.7?) will be appropriate to fit either young or teenage children. This could be the only pair of goggles you need to buy your child. The generous adjustable strap has a length of 30.7? so your child won?t outgrow the goggles or struggle to get a good fit.

The multicolored spherical lenses give the best of both worlds. It offers great visibility in broad daylight and low light conditions with widescreen coverage for good range of vision. The polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant with excellent UV protection and glare resistance.

All in all, these are great all-rounders at a budget-friendly price.

Pros and Cons:

Two pairs for the price of oneLenses aren?t interchangeable
Good UV protection
Long-lasting and impact resistant
Good visibility in day or night
Spherical lens for good field of vision
Flexible frame with good ventilation

Zionor Lagopus Ski / Snowboard Goggles

My rating –

If you?re looking for lenses with longevity, these versatile ski goggles are a great investment. Readily adjustable, both young children and adults can use it. The scratch and impact resistant polycarbonate lenses can withstand years and years of regular wear with ease. Even if the lenses become marked or stained, they can be quickly and easily removed or replaced. Thanks to the magnetic lens swapping tech.

These goggles use a dual-lens for superior anti-fogging. Even with good ventilation, condensation can form on the lens where warmth meets cold. Because these goggles have two sets of lenses, they can mitigate this risk. So, your kids can enjoy good visibility even in the coldest conditions. And with superior two-way ventilation, these are great goggles to regularly experience issues with fog.

The durable and flexible TPU frame will bend without damage to the PC lenses and the soft foam padding. The easily adjustable strap ensures a good fit for life. The strap also ensures that you?ll get good compatibility with virtually any helmet. These goggles have a great field of vision. The outstanding UV protection of the goggles effectively eliminates glare.

While the lenses are highly scratch-resistant, these goggles do come with their own pouch for peace of mind when traveling with them.

All in all, these are excellent goggles which can, when looked after, last well into adulthood.

Pros and Cons:

Extremely durableStyle may not be to everyone?s taste
Comfortable and adjustable fit
Great UV protection and visibility
Superior anti-fogging
Interchangeable lenses
Scratch and impact resistant

Hongdak Ski Goggles

My rating –

These OTG and helmet-compatible goggles are a good fit for virtually everyone. They offer superior customizability and long-lasting wearability at an affordable price point. Indeed, buy these for your kids and they might well be the only pair of ski goggles that they ever need.

The spherical PC lenses offer a comprehensive field of vision without the frame blocking your child?s peripheral range. The lenses are also easily interchangeable with a simple magnetic system. You can insert different colored lenses depending on weather/light conditions or aesthetic preference. And because they?re made from tough polycarbonate, the lenses are both scratch and impact resistant. They are also flexible enough to bend so that they can assure a good fit.

The flexible and soft TPU frame is also highly flexible. A triple layer of thickened sponge supplement it to keep your child warm and comfortable in even the coldest and windiest skiing conditions.

These goggles also feature dual lenses and two-way ventilation. Your child or teen can hit the slopes without needing to worry about their visibility when impaired by fogged lenses.

Hongdak really has thought of everything here. It delivers a set of ski and snowboarding goggles that fit all the boxes.

Pros and Cons:

Highly adjustable for OTG and helmet useLet us know if you find any because we can?t!
Extremely durable and scratch-resistant
Warm and comfortable fit
Great UV protection and visibility
Multiple anti-fogging solutions
Interchangeable lenses
Look awesome

Odoland Snow Ski Goggles S2

My rating –

Designed to suit a broad range of kids from ages 8-16, these versatile ski goggles from Odoland are a good choice for your child. It does not matter whether they?re taking to the slopes for the first time or whether they?re seasoned teenaged veterans.

The spherical lens has UV400 protection. So parents know that they?re getting the best anti-glare protection for their kids. And the soft, flexible frame is highly versatile and adjustable making it good for OTG wear. These goggles are also designed to be broadly compatible for use with helmets. 

The flexible frames are soft and flexible with a double clear of dense foam. The foam guarantees a good fit that will last well into your child?s teen years. They also have dual vents and an anti-fog coating for great visibility in cold conditions.

The lenses are black for great visibility in daylight, although the lenses on this model are not interchangeable. The goggles also come with a carry bag and soft cloth for cleaning.

Pros and Cons:

AffordableLimited age range (average 8-16)
High-quality lenses with good visibilityBlack lenses are not interchangeable
Excellent UV protection and glare resistance
Good for OTG and wear with helmets

OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles

My rating –

Another great choice for kids with glasses are these OTG-ready goggles from Outdoor Master. They come in a two-pack with a wide range of colors and styles. This means that kids can choose two different sets of frames and lenses depending on their needs and aesthetic preferences. For example, they can choose one set of lenses for daytime use and another set for skiing in darker conditions.

The comfortable elastic strap and dual-layer foam offer a good fit for a broad age and size range for both boys and girls.

These goggles also have dual-layer lenses, anti-fog coating, and good ventilation. Your son or daughter can ski to their heart?s content without needing to worry about fogging.

Pros and Cons:

Soft TPU frame provides a comfortable fitLimited age range
Good UV filtering and glare reductionLenses are not interchangeable (although you do get a choice of two)
Choice of colors and styles
Spherical lenses for good range of visibility
Good value for money

In Conclusion

The right choice of kids ski goggles can give your child superior eye protection and visibility when skiing. Any of the above would be a fine choice for a broad range of children and young adults. And most will be suitable well into their teen years and beyond.

However, if we had to pick a winner, the Hongdak goggles win by a nose. They tick all the right boxes, offering great protection, adjustability, ventilation, and customization via the interchangeable lenses.

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