The right tent can make camping a breeze, but how do you know which one is best for you? To give you a head-start, we?ve put together a list of our top picks. If you?re planning an outdoor adventure, take a look at our best 8 person tents now?

Finding the best 8 person tents

Choosing a tent should be easy, right? If you?re heading off camping with your partner and two kids, surely, you?ll want a 4 person tent? Not quite.

When advertised, the manufacturers provide a guide about the safe use of the tent model. If you buy the best 8 person tents, for example, you should be able to use your new camping gear to house eight people on your next trip.

However, this isn?t necessarily the best way to select the best tent for your needs. You?ll definitely need a larger tent if multiple people are camping without. There are plenty of other reasons too for which you might want to opt for the best 8 person tents.

When you?re choosing the right camping equipment, there are lots to consider. Your tent will (hopefully) protect you from the elements. It will also allow you to get some sleep at night, so it?s a vital piece of gear.

With so many features to check out and endless models on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. At Backcountry Gear, we know just how important it is to have the right tent when you?re camping. (Don?t ask how. Just trust us on that). To give you a head-start, we?ve compiled a list of key things to look out for when you?re choosing your next tent?

Size and floorspace

Not all 8 person tents have the same dimensions. So, pay attention to the exact specifications of the models you?re looking at. Similarly, floorplans can vary quite considerably. It can make the tent feel smaller than it really is or, conversely, give the illusion of space.

You?ll also want to consider whether the tent has in-built partitions and if so, you will locate them. Extra screens are a great option for added privacy, separate sleeping, and storage. But, their placement is extremely important.

By checking the exact specifications, you can choose from the best 8 person tents. This will help ensure you?re finding the right camping gear.

Ease of assembly

Being able to assemble and pack up your tent quickly is a must when you?re camping. So, check out the assembly instructions on each model. Whilst most tents are far easier to assemble than they used to be, you can also make use of various technologies.

Self-standing assembly, inflatable assembly, and arcflex poles can make it easier to set up or dismantle a tent. You?ll need to find the right option for you. Pop-up tents are easy to assemble, but they are only typically available in 2, 3 or 4 person styles. With inflatable assembly, you can forget the tent poles and rely on a pump to assemble your tent for you in no time!

Climate and temperature

If you?re new to camping, you?re probably worried about staying warm when you?re under the canvas. In fact, tents are typically very warm, and being too hot is a more common issue. The climate and temperature will, of course, depend on your destination. So, don?t assume that one tent will be suitable for use in any location.

If you?re camping in the U.S. in summer, for example, you may want to find the best 8 person tents with lightweight materials and added ventilation. Or, if you?re hiking up mountains and camping at higher elevations in the fall, you?ll need added protection. You may have to provide yourself with insulation, and weather-repellent coatings.

Value for money

Choosing the best 8 person tents doesn?t mean breaking the bank. With the right amount of research, you can find long-lasting, budget-friendly tents. If you?re not sure whether camping is for you, you may want to opt for a cheaper model, for example.

Of course, if you?re an avid camper and want your tent to last season after season, it?s worth spending a little extra. With added features and better quality, investing in your tent can make your camping trips much more enjoyable. This will ensure you get the best value for money.

Extra features

From extra rooms, storage pockets, awnings, added ventilation and blackout fabric to super clear windows and skylights, you can opt for as many features as you like when you?re selecting the best 8 person tents.

Whether you?re heading off on a two-week camping excursion or spending a couple of nights are your local campsite, extra features can make your tent much more comfortable and functional.

Selecting the best 8 person tents

With so much to consider, it can be hard to remember exactly what to look for when you?ve got hundreds of tents to choose from. To make things easier, we?ve rounded up our top picks when it comes to larger tents. To get the lowdown on the best 8 person tents, check out our reviews now?

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent for Camping

My rating –

With a spacious design and internal dividers, the Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon tent offers great flexibility when you?re camping. Internal partitions enable you to segment your tent into three separate areas. So there?s plenty of room for privacy.

Furthermore, the Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon tent has a center height of 6 feet, so it?s ideal for taller campers. Measuring 17 x 10 feet, there?s sufficient space for 8 people to sleep comfortably. But, you get even more space if you upgrade to the Coleman for 4 or 6 person trips.

With WeatherTec technology, you can rely on the Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon tent to keep you dry too. Inverted seams and patented welded floors give you protection from rain and groundwater. So you?ll be glad of the extra protection the Coleman Canyon tent offers.

Besides, its Wind-Strong frame will keep your tent upright, when the weather changes. Coleman has redesigned its poles to offer increased stability. This is great when sudden gusts catch you off guard.

At just 21.5lbs in weight, the Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent is easy to move around. If you?re hiking or setting up at different sites, the low weight of the Canyon Red tent makes it a great choice.

As a budget-friendly option, the Red Canyon certainly gives you a lot of bang for your buck. If you?re looking for value for money, you?d be hard-pressed to find a better option than the Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon tent.

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
6 feet center heightOnly features one door
17 x 10 feet floor spaceConventional setup
Internal dividers with the option of three separate rooms
WeatherTec system offers enhanced protection from rain and drizzle
Enough room for three queen size airbeds
Storage pockets
Ground vent for increased circulation

Coleman 8-Person Tent | Instant Family Tent

My rating –

Available in blue, black and brown, the Coleman 8 Person Instant Family tent is as versatile as it is functional. You?ll comfortably fit four queen sized airbeds inside. So, it?s the perfect option if you want a bit of added luxury on your camping trips.

One of the best features of the Coleman Instant Family tent is how easy it is to assemble. Designed to be set up in just three easy steps, the Coleman Instant Family tent erects in less than a minute. With an integrated rainfly, you won?t even have to worry about setting this up separately or attaching it to your tent.

Large screened windows offer a good amount of ventilation, whilst top quality mesh keeps bugs and creepy crawlies out. Incorporating the patented WeatherTec system, the Instant Family tent uses Coleman?s technology. This is to ensure you stay dry at all times.

At 14 x 10 feet, it isn?t the largest 8 person tent on the market. Yet, the Coleman Instant Family tent provides enough space for eight people to sleep. Furthermore, the whopping 6 feet 7-inch center height means this is one of the tallest tents. Giving you extra height and a more spacious feel, the Coleman 8 person Instant Family tent is a popular choice with larger groups.

At approximately 43 pounds, the Coleman Instant Family tent isn?t easy to maneuver. Whilst you may not want to opt for something so heavy on hiking trips, the Instant Family tent could be ideal for longer stays or use at designated campsites.

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
PolyGuard 2X double-thick material for added insulationOnly features two storage pockets
6 feet 7-inch center heightNot the largest floor plan
14 x 10 feet floor spaceWeighs approx. 43 pounds
Instant setup
Integrated rainfly
Multiple doors
Internal divider to create two rooms

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

My rating –

With a floor area of 96 square feet, the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is great if you want space when you?re camping. Featuring two doors and six windows, you?ll get plenty of airflows. You can also enjoy a decent amount of ventilation when you?re using the Klondike tent.

Furthermore, the 8 Person Klondike tent includes a front screen awning. This gives you a covered ?porch?, which extends your space even further. This gives you extra protection from the weather, even when you?re sitting outside your tent.

The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent also offers a polyurethane water-resistant coating. You can rely on it to keep you dry in almost any weather conditions. In conjunction with its shock-corded fiberglass roof frame, the Klondike tent offers a stable and weather-proof option for new and experienced campers.

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
16 x 11 feet floor spaceWill only hold two queen size airbeds
In-built screen room, measuring 9 x 6 feetConventional assembly
6 feet 6-inch center height
Multiple doors and windows
26.4 pounds in weight

TOMOUNT 8-Person Tent

My rating –

Offering enough room to house eight sleeping bags or three queen size airbeds, the TOMOUNT 8 Person Tent is a spacious option for camping. Waterproof and windproof fabric help you ensure your equipment will stay completely dry. Whilst its wind-responsive frame is robust enough to withstand strong gusts.

Whilst the TOMOUNT 8-Person tent only offers one mesh door, it also features five mesh windows and a tent top. This added ventilation makes the tent more comfortable. This is beneficial particularly if you?re using it for maximum occupancy.

With an in-built e-port, it?s easy to run an electrical cord through your tent to an external power source, if needed. This extra feature is a great bonus if you?re using a tent at camping sites with these facilities. This ensures that you can keep all your devices fully charged and ready to go.

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
6 feet center heightOnly features one door
Internal divider to create two roomsConventional setup
14 x 9 feet floor space
Weighs approx. 17.6 pounds
Offers storage pockets
E-port for electrical connections
Waterproof and windproof fabric

Tenaya Lake Lighted Fast Pitch Cabin Tent

My rating –

If you?re looking for extra features, the Tenaya Lake Lighted Fast Pitch Cabin Tent comes in this pack. An LED lighting system offers built-in illumination. So, there?s no more scrabbling around for the torch in the dark. An in-built closet provides great storage space. The hanger bar will keep your clothes dry and organized, whilst the patented WeatherTec system will keep you dry and comfortable.

Although the Tenaya Lake Lighted Fast Pitch Cabin Tent weighs around 32 pounds, it comes with a handy wheeled carry case. Whilst it may not be suitable for long treks, it?s certainly a great way to transport your tent from one location to another.

Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
FastPitch system for easy assemblyOnly room for two queen sized airbeds
Wheeled carry caseOnly features one door
E-port for electrical connectivity
13 x 9 feet floor space
6 feet 8 inches center height
In-built LED illumination


Whilst all the tents we?ve reviewed have been impressive, the Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent comes out on top. With added floor space and a great center height, the tent itself is spacious enough for any group of campers. The option to create three separate rooms offers added flexibility and increased privacy.

To find the best 8 person tent for you and your camping buddies, take a look at our selection of tents or contact Backcountry Gear now!

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