Whether you?re camping in the wilderness on a dedicated site, or in the backyard, you?ll need a tent that is up to the job. If you want to find the right camping equipment, check out our ultimate guide to the best 10 person tents?

Choosing the best 10 person tents

You may not know which 10 person tent you?re after yet. But, you know you need a 10 person tent because there?s 10 of you going camping, right? Not exactly.

Why else would you need or want a tent designed to house 10 people? Well?.how long have you got?! Choosing the right tent is about more than just how many people can fit into it. So a 10 person tent isn?t just a great choice for larger groups of campers.

In fact, there are many reasons why you might want to opt for a more spacious tent, even if only a few people will be using it. To help you make the right choice, we?ve put together a list of top tips and top features. You can look out for these when you?re choosing the best 10 person tents?

Why do you need a 10 person tent?

Securing extra space

Ever been camping with nine other people before? Sure, a group excursion can be great fun. But, when it comes to sharing a tent with nine of your nearest and dearest, things can turn ugly. When you?re tired from a long day hiking or full day of fishing, the last thing you want to do is fight for space in your very own tent.

Although a 10 person tent should house you and nine others quite comfortably, this is a matter of opinion. With a differing square foot of space and floorplans, not all tents offer the same amount of space. This is true even if they?re designed for the same number of people.

If you?re searching for the best 6 person tent because there?s 6 of you going camping, you may want to rethink your plans. By choosing an 8 or 10 person tent instead, you?ll get a little extra space to stretch out and get comfortable. Besides, you can keep valuables and essentials with you when you select a tent that?s a little larger than you need.

Getting extra height

Tents designed for larger groups tend to be higher than their smaller counterparts. A 4 person tent can be relatively low to the ground, for example, which can be a pain if you?re on the taller side.

Of course, you may assume that this won?t matter too much because you?ll only be sleeping in your tent, right? Until there is a downpour and you can?t continue hiking until it?s passed. Or a storm which leaves you stuck for a couple of hours at your campsite. Or you?re waiting for a tow because someone didn?t fill the car with gas. (Yes, really).

Having extra head height can be an essential feature, particularly when you?re going to be spending a lot of time in your tent. For longer trips, in particular, being able to stand up in your tent can be an added bonus!

Every model of the tent has different specifications. The larger options tend to offer more height. By choosing the best 10 person tents, you can secure extra height, as well as extra space. You will soon be the envy of your campsite.

Exciting extra features

Larger tents tend to have an array of exciting features. You can look forward to camping in (relative) luxury. Many 10-person tents come with built-in lantern hooks, partitions, storage pockets, and screens.  This can make sharing a tent much nicer and infinitely less stressful.

With added partitions, you can separate your equipment and keep it safe and secure whilst the tent is in use. Alternatively, extra screens come in handy if you?re taking pets with you on your camping trip. Your canine companion may be your best friend, but no-one wants to come back to a sleeping bag covered in mud. With added screens, you can create a cozy space for your furry friend. You can, thus, ensure the right of the tent stays clean and dry.

Many larger models also offer extra rooms. This can make a big difference to your camping experience. Whilst internal screens offer increased privacy and functionality, exterior screen rooms give you, even more, space and added flexibility.

Whether you?re traveling with 4, 6, 8 or 10 people, the best 10 person tents can transform your camping experience. It will be more memorable for all the right reasons. With the option to stretch out a little, stand up at full height and get some extra privacy, a 10 person tent is the ultimate choice for any type of camping trip.

Choosing the best 10 person tent

Now you know why you need a 10 person tent, we?ll help you find the best make and model for your needs. With five handy reviews, we?ve taken the hard work out of choosing the best 10 person tents.

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

My rating –

With a floorplan of 14 x 10 feet, the Coleman Cabin Tent can house a whopping four queen size airbeds. You?ll certainly fit 10 sleeping bags in this Cabin tent. It?s also perfect for smaller groups who want to enjoy some extra room.

One of the best features of the Coleman Cabin tent is its use of dark room technology. With the ability to block 90% of sunlight, you can grab a lie-in in any weather conditions. If the sun isn?t shining, don?t despair. The Coleman Cabin Tent can stand winds up to 35mph, so you can rely on it to stay standing if a storm arrives too.

Reflective guy lines mean increased visibility at nights and in poor weather conditions. It should boost your confidence and give you added security. What?s more ? the instant setup feature means you can assemble the Coleman Cabin tent in less than 60 seconds.

Pros and Cons:

Enough room for four queen-sized airbedsOnly one room divider
14 x 10 feet floor space
Centre height 6 feet 7 inches
Instant Setup for easy assembly
WeatherTec technology for water resistance
Dark room technology for better sleep
Inbuilt room divider
Weighs approx. 20 pounds

Coleman 2000028058 Tent 17X9 Weathermaster 10

My rating –

The Coleman Weathermaster 10 offers 17 x 9 feet of floor space, so it?s one of the roomiest 10 person tents on the market. With a center height of 6 feet 8 inches, it?s ideal for large groups of adults, as well as families with young children.

If you want increased privacy, the in-built room divider will give you the option to segment the tent in separate areas. When you?re camping, its patented WeatherTec system will keep you dry at all times.

Despite its generous floorplan, the Coleman Weathermaster 10 offers room for three airbeds. With some 10 person tents offering space for four, this could be a drawback for some campers. However, angled windows, storage pockets and waterproof floors of the Coleman Weathermaster 10 could be a great choice for your next camping expedition.

Pros and Cons:

Room dividerConventional setup
17 x 9 feet floor spaceOnly room for three queen-sized airbeds
6 feet 8 inches center height
WeatherTec system to stay dry
Angled windows to keep the rain out and let light in

NTK Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person 17.4 by 8 Foot Sport Camping Tent

My rating –

Advertised as a 9-10 person tent, the NTK Arizona GT can house ten people but it might be a bit of a squeeze. However, if you want a 10 person tent to give you extra space when you?re camping, it?s definitely worth considering.

At 14 x 8 feet, it?s not the largest 10 person tent available but it?s not too small either. Designed for families, you can use the in-built divider to create two separate rooms if you wish. In addition to this, 2 D style doors make it easy to enter or exit your tent.

With a center height of 6 feet 7 inches, you?ll have more than enough room to stand up and move around in the NTK Arizona GT. This feature puts it ahead of many other models out there. At just 25 pounds, it?s not too weighty for a tent of its size, either. According to NTK, the Arizona GT model is ideal for use in three seasons. Whilst you may not be able to camp in colder climates, the Arizona GT is perfect for outdoor trips in the spring, summer or fall.

Pros and Cons:

14 x 8 feet floor spaceFairly small for a 10 person tent
6 feet 7 inches center heightConventional setup
Two doors
Room divider
Weighs approx. 25 pounds
Anti-fungus seamless polyethylene floor for extra protection against damp
Micro Mosquito Mesh to stop bugs getting in

CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

My rating –

Although the CORE Straight Wall Cabin Tent is for 10 people, it will only hold two queen size airbeds. If you want the best 10 person tents because you?re eager to try luxury camping, this could be a significant drawback for this particular model.

At 14 x 10 feet, however, the floor space is sufficient for larger groups. If you?re planning to use sleeping bags, you should not have a problem with the CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent. Furthermore, the center height of 7 feet 1 inch makes it one of the tallest 10 person tents available.

An inbuilt room divider makes it easy to create two rooms from your tent. Whilst the back and front doors mean you won?t need to disturb anyone else when you?re entering or exiting your room. The gear loft means you can easily keep things off the floor of the tent. It provides added space to organize your equipment. What?s more? The CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin features an e-port for electrical connectivity.

Pros and Cons:

14 x 10 feet floor spaceConventional setup
7 feet 1-inch center heightOnly houses two queen-sized airbeds
E-port for electrical connections
Room divider
Front and back doors
Gear loft for easy storage and organization
Advanced venting system
Weighs approx. 35.5 pounds
Water-resistant exterior

Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-Person 3-Season Family Camping Tent

My rating –

Featuring open mesh roof and floor vents, the Tahoe Gear Olympia 3-Season Family Camping Tent is a comfortable option. With 18 x 10.5 feet of floor space and a center height of exactly 7 feet. It feels spacious when in use and gives you enough room to camp comfortably. Furthermore, the in-built fly canopy offers added protection from the weather, even when you?re outside the tent.

Polyethylene binding helps to ensure the Tahoe Gear Olympia is waterproof. So you won?t need to worry about frequent showers or sudden downpours while using this tent.

Although the Tahoe Gear Olympia has a handy power slip near the door to help electrical connections, it?s a little limited on other features. Despite this, the generous size and stability make the Tahoe Gear Olympia a fantastic choice if you?re looking for a reliable, budget-friendly 10 person tent.

Pros and Cons:

18 x 10.5 feet floorplanConventional setup
7 feet center height
Built-in fly canopy
Power slip for electrical connections


If you?re looking for the best 10 person tents, any of the models we?ve reviewed could fit the bill. From cheap models to tents with an array of extra features, we?ve covered everything to make the best choice.

After careful consideration, we?re declaring the Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup the winner when it comes to 10 person tents. With the option to use three queen size airbeds, a room divider, and dark room technology, you?ll be ready for any weather conditions in the Coleman Cabin Tent. What?s more ? the Instant Setup features mean you can assemble and pack up your tent in record time. This will make for a stress-free and hassle-free camping experience.

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