Gone are the days when you have to cram into a small tent on a family vacation. If you?re going to spend a couple of nights in the wilderness, you want luxury. But, sometimes 5 and 6 person tents can be too much hassle to pitch up and takedown.

What you need is one of the best 1 person tents for when it?s you, yourself and the Great Outdoors. The good news is we?ve got the details to help you make an informed decision.

Why Choose 1 Person Tents?

If you still don?t know the advantages of the best 1 person tents on the market, here are the reasons to keep in mind.

Assembling & Disassembling

You don?t have anyone else to fit into your tent other than you, so there?s no point in making more hassle for yourself. Let?s face it – nobody else will help you assemble your makeshift home if it?s complicated.

The best 1 person tents take as few as 2 seconds to pitch up and 15 seconds to take down. As campers know, this is a significant feature. There?s nothing worse than losing your temper in front of strangers in the rain!


The odds are that you?re not going on a solo camping trip. You’re mixing walking, climbing or a festival with sleeping under the stars. It?s essential to take as little gear as possible. This is because you don?t want to carry a 15kg rucksack around a 2-week excursion.

1 person tents are small, which means they can easily fit into a bag or attach to the outside. Not only are they easy to carry, but they?re light and won?t break your back or your shoulders.


We?re not all camping experts. There is a skill to packing the proper equipment and pitching and disassembling a tent. And, you may not have the knack of it yet. The key isn?t to pretend as if you?re a Ranulph Fiennes-like explorer who has camped from the Americas to Timbuktu.

Instead, the best option is to understand your limits so that your trip doesn?t turn into a nightmare. The best 1 person tents are super simple to put up and take down, carry and are light. They are excellent for beginners who want to get into camping but who haven?t had the confidence.

What To Look For In 1 Person Tents

You know that you want a tent that?s accessible and light, but is there anything else to consider? The simple answer is yes, and you can find a selection of them below.

1 Skin

The problem with 1 person and pop-up tents is that they only have one skin. In the fall and winter, the rain is going to leak in and may wash you away! And, if there is no rain, it will be cold because there isn?t an extra layer to trap the heat.

Ask whether your tent of choice has more than 1 skin to help you stay dry and warm. If it doesn?t but you want to buy it anyway, you can always buy another coat separately or use tarpaulin.


It?s always tempting to go with the most affordable option, yet it might haunt you on your trip. Remember that it?s cheaper than the rest for a reason – it doesn?t have the same features. For those who don?t want to slum it for their trip, the best 1 person tents cost a little extra.

However, they usually pay for themselves in the long-term if you plan on using it more than once. You should get more than 10 uses out of a high-quality tent.

Rigorous Testing

Of course, we all want to make sure that it?s worth splashing out on a more expensive tent before handing over our credit card. Aside from considering how often you?re going to use it, where you?re going and when you should think about the testing.

Rigorous testing means you can trust the features on the price tag, such as durability and water resistance. To be sure, you should try it out before your trip and return it if they are any issues.

How To Choose Between The Best 1 Person Tents

Here?s how to pick a tent that suits your needs.

Vacation, Traveling Or Other

Tent suitability changes depending on the intended use. If you?re going on a vacation or traveling, you?ll need something more durable and features to last the duration. People who camp at festivals, for example, can opt for something less high-tech. This is because you only need to get through the weekend.

The Climate

If your destination is cold and rainy, your tent should have extra protection. The openings should also be fewer to stop the heat from escaping. If it?s hot, you want more ventilation so that you?re not uncomfortable during the day and at night.

A great tip is to ignore the Schmerber mm ratings. They only measure the waterproof properties of the fabric. You need to rate the whole tent, from the material to the seams, openings, and zips.


The best 1 person tents are flexible. For example, campers should be able to add an awning to stay out of the elements. But, they are fantastic awnings themselves if you are thinking about attaching it to an RV.

You can do it yourself – check out this video – or hire a professional. The latter costs around $30 to $100.

1 Person Tent Review

The ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

My rating –

The ALPs Mountaineering Lynx is a tent made for all weather. The material is half mesh. This means it has plenty of ventilation to let air in and out if you need to keep cool and aerated. But, it?s waterproof too, thanks to its 2,000mm groundsheet and factory-sealed fly seams.

The 75D weight and thickness are good, if unspectacular, as is the 185 thread count for the fabric and flooring. What makes this part of our best 1 person tents list is the small things. The polyester fly stays tight and doesn?t absorb UV rays, making it more durable.

The base size is 2?8 x 7?6 and the center height 36? with a minimum weight of 3lbs 5oz. This makes it a relatively small, yet light and an easy-to-pack tent. This tent should stay dry in rainy conditions and cool in warm climates.

Pros and Cons:

The half mesh makes it ventilatedTotal weight is 4lbs 1oz – relatively heavy
Factory-sealed fly zips protect users from showersCenter height is small at 36? (3 feet), so there?s not much room to maneuver
2 pole design is simple for pitching up, while aluminum poles are sturdy
Vestibule for extra storage and weather protection
6? x 17.5? when packed up so pretty easy to carry
Lifetime Warranty

Snugpak The Ionosphere 1 Man Dome Tent

My rating –

The name isn?t wrong – you?ll be very snug inside the Snugpak Ionosphere 1 Man Dome Tent. Measuring in at 94? long, 35? wide, and 28? tall, it?s length and width means most people can stretch out without touching the end or sides of the tent. The height lets it down at 2 and a half feet, but there is plenty of space around you for storage.

This tent comes with waterproof features, thanks to the tapered seams. It has windproof properties to make sure you get a good night?s sleep during a gale. Because it only weighs 3.34lbs, you don?t have to worry about carrying this tent around if you don?t have a car.

Overall, it?s a popular product for people of all sizes with a range of rucksacks.

Pros and Cons:

Plenty of space at the ends and sides of the interior for your luggage1 opening and small width make it tough to get in and out of it
Light at 3.34lbsNot much ventilation
No-See-Um mesh mosquito net means it?s effective at keeping out pestsAround $70 more expensive than other 1 person tents on this list
2 pole system keeps condensation to a minimum
Includes a basic repair kit for emergencies
5,000mm coating

Hyke & Byke 1 & 2 Person Backpacking Tent

My rating –

Built to withstand the elements in Yosemite, this tent very tough and durable. The polyester non-stretch fabric for the fly and floor makes it ultra-strong.. It also adds to the durability of the shell. Plus, the materials are lightweight and don?t add to the total weight of 2.58lbs.

Unlike the other products on this list, the Hyke & Byke 1 person tent has 2 doors for extra maneuverability. Still, it?s useful in rainy, windy and snowy (light) conditions. This makes it a 3 season tent with 4 season capabilities depending on the circumstances.

This tent is adaptable if you want to use it as a 2 person tent, too. The PU 5,000 footprint and mesh ceiling are detachable so that you can invite more guests on your trip. The weight of 2 people increases from 2.58lbs to 3.2lbs.

Pros and Cons:

The extensive testing that holds up. Over 40,000 customers have used the tent and it has few complaintsNo snow skirt – It isn?t suitable for heavy snowy conditions
Lifetime warranty if there are problems2 entrances make it ventilated but increase the number of drafts
Includes PU 5000 footprint and mesh ceiling – usually not includedCustomers report problems with the company?s customer service
Cost is under $100
Aluminum pole design is lightweight yet durable
Ceiling hook for lantern
Hyke & Byke partners with Kiva to reduce global poverty

Bessport Camping Tent

My rating –

Waterproof properties are essential for camping. The best 1 person tents always have protection from the bad weather elements. What makes the Bessport stand out from the crowd is the welded floor design. It elevates the bottom of the canvas off the floor to protect you from wet grounds and inclement weather.

The 86.6? x 48.4? floor space and 43.5? interior height allows for more maneuverability than general 1 person tents. The weight is more than the majority of tents on this list at 5.2lbs. But, it’s still a freestanding design and easily moveable without having to disassemble.

Without the rain cover, the micro mesh allows for excellent ventilation and scenery. You can put the cover on to add warmth and maintain your privacy.

Pros and Cons:

Roomy – fits 2 people and luggageHeavy at 5.3lbs
31sq foot canopyNot suitable for use in winter
Freestanding for easy maneuverability
7001 series alloy aluminum stakes add wind resistance
210D Oxford Cloth with 5000mm polyurethane hydrostatic rated coating for the raised welded floor
Set up takes 5 minutes
The cheapest option at $78.99

ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr

My rating –

With a center height of 36?, there is ample headroom. With the Zephyr, you won?t have any clearance trouble sitting up to read or organize your gear. The extended vestibule is excellent for storing your bags without taking up space in the main compartment. This means your equipment won?t get in the way while you sleep.

While the setup time is low, the main problem is the length. Because the base size is 3?8 x 7.?2, this tent is wider than it is long. So, sleeping may not be as comfy as bigger people will have to curl up rather than laying out fully. Where it makes up for its lack of size is its design for hot, muggy conditions. The walls are all mesh for a breezy, aerated night?s sleep.

Pros and Cons:

Big center heightNot very long – may be unsuitable for tall people
Plenty of ventilation for hot climatesOn the heavy side at 4.2lbs
Large vestibule for storageHolds lots of moisture inside
Lifetime warranty


The tents on this list deserve their rank as the best 1 person tents the industry has to offer. Still, the tent that stands out as the best all-round option is the Bessport camping tent.

Thanks to its 5000mm polyurethane hydrostatic welded floor fabric. This 210D Oxford cloth makes it extremely waterproof. And, it has alloy stakes for wind resistance. However, the feature that makes it superior to the rest is the fact that it works in light snow. From the ALPS products to the Hyke & Byke and Snugpak tents, they are strictly for 3 seasons only.

Although it?s the heaviest at over 5lbs, it is suitable for 2 people, so you get more room. Also, it?s easy to move. You can change locations without disassembling because it?s freestanding. Finally, you get all these features at $20 less. Compared to the Snugpak, it?s over $100 less expensive.

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